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Why enrol?

Enrolling at a GP clinic like Cavendish Doctors is a great idea, as it gives you access to subsidised (cheaper) appointments with a GP.

Your GP is often your first point of contact with the health system. As well as diagnosing illness and injury, they can write prescriptions for medications, and referrals to physios, labs, podiatrists, therapists, specialists, and more.

Your GP also holds your comprehensive health records, and is the best person to work with on your ongoing health needs.

Who can enrol?

The Ministry of Health puts rules in place around who is eligible to enrol with a GP or access subsidised healthcare in New Zealand.

Patients are eligible to enrol if they are:

  • New Zealand citizens
  • New Zealand residents
  • On a work visa for 24 months or longer
  • Children or dependents (<18) of an eligible adult
  • Refugees

See the Ministry of Health website here for more information, or contact Reception if you're unsure.

How to enrol:

  • Check you're eligible
  • Print and fill in this form, or pick one up from Reception
  • Fill in all the details
  • Attach your passport or birth certificate (+ visa if you've got one)
  • Return your completed enrolment form with passport or birth certificate +/- visa to [email protected] or in person at Reception

Make sure you've included your passport/birth certificate (+ visa), as we can't enrol you until we have the right information.

Click the image to download our enrolment form

  • Check your eligibility on page 2 of the form. List this on the front in the eligibility box.
  • Fill in the whole form - see the most important parts below!
  • One form per person
  • If you're 16+, sign your own form and fill in your own mobile number and email address. If you don't have your own, leave these boxes blank.
  • Include your passport/birth certificate (+ visa) to show you're eligible to enrol. This helps us process your enrolment faster!